High Blood Pressure Symptom

They Don't Call This

The "Silent Killer For Nothing" 

A high blood pressure symptom usually does not exist in the person that has high blood pressure. This is why it has been labeled the silent killer. The affected person just goes about living their life without any idea that they have hypertension and are at risk for a heart attack or stroke. This condition is classified as uncomplicated hypertension.

This total lack of symptoms can go on for years or decades if the affected person does not have their blood pressure checked upon occasion. Usually at any doctor visit you have, they check your blood pressure. If there is a problem, they let you know and suggest drugs instead of a natural cure for high blood pressure. 

Some people with uncomplicated hypertension do exhibit high blood pressure symptoms. These symptoms can be a good thing since it often prompts the person to receive medical attention in their search for a diagnosis. These symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, and blurred vision.

Many times the felt high blood pressure symptom comes after experiencing significant damage to the end-organs. In many cases, a person visits or is brought to the doctor or an emergency room with a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or impaired vision due to damage to the retina.

One out of every 100 people will be diagnosed with severe or malignant high blood pressure at their very first visit to the doctor. Severe or malignant hypertension is associated with the diastolic blood pressure, or minimum pressure, exceeding 140 mm HG at rest. The patient can exhibit a high blood pressure symptom that can include, severe headache, visual symptoms, dizziness, and sometimes kidney failure.

Severe high blood pressure is a medical emergency and requires prompt treatment to prevent a stroke and brain damage.

Long term hypertension can lead to an enlarged heart, kidney failure, brain or neurological damage, and changes in the retina at the back of the eyes. Examination of the eyes in patients with severe hypertension may reveal damage--narrowing of the small arteries, small hemorrhages or leaking of blood in the retina, and swelling of the eye nerve.

The leaking of blood in the eyes is what can happen all throughout the body as the arteries become hard and actually develop tiny cracks that leak blood into the surrounding tissues. This condition will commonly not reveal a high blood pressure symptom in 99% of people with high blood pressure. None the less, it is the key to understanding what is causing the high blood pressure to start with.

Since most people never have a single high blood pressure symptom and this disease definitely can be a killer. It is a good idea to have your blood pressure checked upon occasion throughout your life.

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