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How to Get Rid of Herpes Easily

Say goodbye to those unsightly herpes sore outbreaks once and for all with this all natural herpes cure...

More than 45 million Americans are infected with the either Herpes Simplex 1 or Herpes Simplex 11. HSV1 usually infects the areas of the mouth and HSV11 infects the genital area. HSV11 can kill infants if they contract the virus from you during childbirth. C-sections are the delivery method of choice if you deliver while you have an outbreak. Herpes is extremely contagious.

The natural herpes cure will allow you to easily control the virus so you no longer have outbreaks. You won't have to worry about giving it to your partner, friends, family, or your baby during childbirth. You will then have the peace of mind from knowing you will not infect any of your loved ones and those that are dear to you.

The days of being embarrassed because you have a blister on your lip will be over and your skin will look better than ever. You'll also find you don't get sick any more with colds and flu's since the natural herpes cure works for any virus.

Most natural herpes cures come in the form of creams or ointments that treat the outside and ignore the inside. They do help the sores clear up but they don't do a thing for recurrences in the future since they do not address cellular health.

One natural herpes cure is known as l-lysine, which is an amino acid that is part of the collagen matrix. This simple solution has helped many people keep herpes at bay for long periods of time. However, it does not seem to work for everyone and I'll explain why in a minute...

But first...I would like to explain how a virus makes you ill, herpes included...

All viruses secret an enzyme that digests a hole in the cell wall and allows them to enter the cell. Once inside the cell they wine and dine and alter the genetic code of that cell. Then they digest a way out and into the neighboring cell and repeat the process. This is a simple explanation of a complex event that happens at lightening speeds, but it is what happens none-the-less. Cancer uses this same mode of travel and many other diseases do as well.

Collagen is the largest protein source in the body, 95%. It is the glue that holds you together and is found in skin, bones, joints, arteries, muscle tissue, the organs, it is everywhere in your body. It also is a major part of cell walls and here lies the secret for stopping herpes dead in its tracks.

Remember I mentioned L-lysine above? Lysine is a component of collagen, and when you take it, it strengthens the cell walls making it harder for herpes to digest a way into the cell. You would think then that everyone would stop their herpes virus cold if they took L-lysine wouldn't you?

That is not always the case... because some people may be deficient in the other 3 nutrients that make collagen. So the collagen matrix and the cell walls are still to weak to lock herpes in its cellular prison.

When the collagen matrix is strong, any virus can enter the cell but it is much harder for it to do so. Once inside it goes about its business and then tries to digest a way out and spread. However, it cannot get out if the cell walls are strong, it’s trapped.

The immune system, macrophages to be exact, then have the time to remove the bad cell because the cell-to-cell communication has been cutoff to that cell. The cell that the herpes virus infected is flushed out of the body as waste and replaced with a new, strong, and healthy cell. No outbreak, no sores, no pain and discomfort. You Win! 

So what is collagen made from?

Collagen is made from Vitamin C, L-lysine, L-Proline, and Omega 3 Fats, a little zinc and a small amount of copper that are easily obtained in the diet. L-proline is the only substance that the body can manufacture if it has the right nutrients to do so. Obviously, if you are suffering from herpes outbreaks you are deficient in these nutrients.

So how much do you take to implement this natural herpes cure?

  • I would take 4500mgs of Vitamin C daily.
  • 3000mgs of L-lysine everyday.
  • 1000mgs of L-proline everyday. 
  • And take 2000 mgs of Neptune Krill oil everyday.

Now don't take this all at one time, but split the doses in half and take it in the morning and at night. Or, if it is easier, you can take NSI V-C, L-lysine and L-Proline Complex with Neptune Krill Oil for good fats.

I have a few friends that follow this natural herpes cure and they haven't had an outbreak in years. They also have not had the flu either and rarely if ever get sick. Matter of fact, because there are so many other health benefits from taking these nutrients that compose the herpes cure, I take them myself, and I haven't been sick in years either.

Try this natural herpes cure; you will not be sorry you did. It Works!

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